State of Origin 2020 Live Stream Online: Queensland vs New South Wales

The State of Origin 2020 will be the 39th time that the event has taken place. This event will be between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues. It’s about competitive rugby. This is the first time in November that this event will take place. Usually, it takes place during the midseason, but the traditional time was changed to November due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The traditional time has been moved to November. Following two rounds, the season was put on hold. The game is to be played at the normal venues that often take place, like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. If the reason begins, the remaining matches are to take place on consecutive Wednesdays. It will take three Wednesdays to do so.

State of Origin 2020

EventState of Origin Game 1
TeamQueensland vs New South Wales
Time7:40 pm (ACDT)
DateWednesday, 4 November 2020
VenueAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
Live StreamWatch Here
EventState of Origin Game 2
TeamNew South Wales vs Queensland
Time8:10 pm (AEDT)
DateWednesday, 11 November 2020
VenueANZ Stadium, Sydney
Live StreamWatch Here
EventState of Origin Game 3
TeamQueensland vs New South Wales
Time7:10 pm (AEST)
DateWednesday, 18 November 2020
VenueSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Live StreamWatch Here

State of Origin 2020 Date, Time, Location

The matches are to take place on the 4th, 11th, and 18th of November. It takes place in November on three consecutive Wednesdays and this is the first time that it will take place like that. The changes in date were announced by the NRL earlier. The site for the venue has yet to be finalized, but the competition has always taken place as one of the foremost venues. The men and women ‘s state of origin competition will take place in November and the women’s event is scheduled to start on November 13th. The event for women will take place on Fridays, while the event for men will take place on Wednesdays. The edition this year is also fantastic because it is a fantastic departure. In mid-year, which is June, the event normally takes place. It was initially expected to be held in June. This takes place after the grand final, and in the past forty years, it may be the first time it has taken place like that.

State of Origin 2020 Game 1

  • Wednesday, Australia, 8 pm Kick-Off (Local Time), 4th November 2020, Adelaide Oval.

State of Origin 2020 Game 02

  • Wednesday, Australia 6 pm Kick-Off (Local Time), 11th November 2020, ANZ Stadium.

State of Origin 2020 Game 03

  • Wednesday, Australia, 8 pm Kick-Off (Local Time), 18th November 2020, Suncorp Stadium.

How to watch State of Origin 2020 live stream without cable

A lot of fans are going to enjoy watching State of Origin Live. Many of them won’t like watching it through the wires, so they’re going to decide to watch the internet. There are a lot of opportunities you can choose from for the online alternative. Here are some of the three ways to watch the game open to you and they are as follows:

State of Origin Live Stream on Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is a famous and popular online streaming channel. Only in Australia is this service available. You have to use a VPN provider if you plan to watch the channel outside Australia. This service is efficient because it covers many sports channels, particularly those provided by, beIN Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports, etc. This channel is very popular and has over 443,000 subscribers and customers pay for more than four hundred thousand of them. There are lots of channels where you can watch those matches that are open.

The company provides various packages that include both premium and basic packages. The basic package costs $25 and you are eligible for a two-week trial. The premium plan costs $35 and you are also eligible to watch their programming for two weeks for free.

Kayo Sports is popular because of its interesting features. You can pick a schedule and, anytime you want, you are also able to cancel the plan. It allows you to watch programs both on-demand and live. The standard of streaming is the highest since it streams across options for High Definition. The other nice thing about this service is that many devices out there are compliant with it.

Watching the device for 14 days is not completely free. You’re going to pay a cent on each of those days. In the true sense of the term, this implies that it is open. You are free to watch the games via the channel and at any moment you want, you are also free to cancel. The most famous choice for Australian fans is Kayo.

When a game is streamed via ESPN, Fox Sports, beIN Sports and so on, you want to watch it. The best source of sports programs is this channel. There are a number of ways across the channel that you can watch the game. It is compatible with devices of all kinds.

State of Origin Live Stream on Foxtel GO

For fans who actually want to watch State of Origin 2020, Foxtel GO is another choice. You may consider this streaming station, whether you want to watch live videos or on-demand videos. Live sports and other sports activities are shown at the station. Sports news and blockbuster movies are also streamed, and so on. In Australia, the channel is readily accessible and in other parts of the globe you can receive the signal. You have to use a VPN provider if you want to watch it in other parts of the world.

Foxtel GO is also compatible with various devices, such as your IOS and Android phones and your PCs. You can install Foxtel GO on such devices easily, even if you use Chromecast and other similar devices.

The streaming channel can boast of only one subscription plan at present. You have to pay $88 if you want to pay for a 12 month plan. This package is excellent because it provides the chance to watch interesting channels such as Netflix and so on. In addition, it can be cast on Chromecast. There are two methods of doing so if you want to do it on your Chromecast. There is an inbuilt cast icon on the screen. This helps the processes of casting and so on. Android 5 and other larger versions are available with the system. You have to make sure you’re attaching it to a compatible computer. The bulk of the available packages in the system are for Australian customers only. Via VPN services, you can still watch these programs.

State of Origin Live Stream on

It can be watched via the official website. For international fans, this is the greatest. Via the scheme, local fans will sign up. It can be overlooked by local fans since other choices are readily accessible to them. This streaming channel is perfect because they offer what is always on demand according to your requirements. Via this online streaming channel, rugby fans worldwide can still watch local leagues. For international fans, this is by far the best option to watch the games.

In the country or outside, you can buy plans through the online channel. You can watch the game via this online channel if you are in countries like Nauru, Niue, Tonga, Samoa, or Fiji and East Timor.

Perhaps the best thing about this channel is that it makes it easy to watch the game on multiple devices, such as your TV, laptops, phones, and other mobile devices, etc. You can watch them via the online station if you want to watch Fox games.

The system makes various plans available that you can easily pick from. As well as the potential channels you can watch, you can weigh the cost of the package and make a package choice accordingly.

In this package, there are different subscription plans available that you can easily choose from. A weekly schedule is, for example, available. The cost of a weekly package is AUD$20 and it costs you AUD$39 for a monthly subscription plan. Similarly, you can opt for an annual AUD$199 membership.

Due to the advantages, it gives them, many overseas fans choose to watch this match via this channel. This service is compatible with various devices and you can watch them through devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Airplay, TV, and so on.

How to watch the State of Origin 2020 from?

These days, various devices watch live this great game coming in November 2020. You can look at them as follows:

Watch State of Origin 2020 on Desktop

To watch the matches, you can use your laptop. You can turn your laptop into a TV if you have a smart screen. You will get the regular TV signal, and you can rely on it to watch the match later this year.

Watch State of Origin 2020 on iOS

Any of the tools that you can use to watch State of Origin 2020 are smart products from Apple. There are lots of smart iOS devices out there that can be used to watch the match streaming to you online. If you have some of the new designs with different modifications, such as iPads, iPods, iPhones, you will be able to stream matches from devices powered by iOS. Most devices are portable, which ensures that the experience can be viewed on the go. You can do it at the comfort of your home using iOS supported mobile devices, because of the channel that you choose to watch the event. For those who do not want to see it through the cables, this choice is perfect. You can do the same from your mobile, just like you can watch it at home via your satellite or cable network.

Watch State of Origin 2020 on Android

This works for iOS in the same way. The operating system supported by Android allows you to watch State of Origin 2020 via smart mobile devices. It will give you a wonderful opportunity to watch the experience live if you have a smartphone that uses an Android operating system. For those cable cutters, Android ‘s intelligent device is fine. In addition, you can use this kind of computer to watch games and other exciting programs if you are still on the go.

Watch State of Origin 2020 on Apple TV4

For many people who want to watch it, this is yet another option. The Apple TV4 is able of broadcasting numerous local and international channels. You can select Apple TV4 if you want to watch it through such streaming options as Foxtel GO. Via this Apple TV, also will stream the games to you. For those who want to skip cable networks, Apple TV 4 is one of the online alternatives. It works online and you can access it through various devices supported by iOS. If you think you can lay your hands on this, it provides a perfect opportunity to watch the game live on your Apple Smart TV.

Watch State of Origin 2020 on Telstra TV

This online TV is close to Apple because it gives you the chance to watch the game via that network. You can opt for a one-month subscription to Foxtel Now and use the Telstra Television channel to watch the event. Besides, apart from Foxtel NOW, you can get access to other streaming platforms. You can watch it via Foxtel GO and so on as well. If you have access to Telstra TV, it’s a perfect chance for you to watch the event.

Watch State of Origin 2020 on Chromecast

This is another streaming service available to fans who don’t want to watch cable programming. On Chromecast television, you can watch it. The Chromecast television channel will stream different sports channels. Some of the online streams you can catch via the Chromecast TV channel are Sling TV, Hulu live TV, as well as Foxtel GO.

State of Origin Live Stream from USA

There are different options available for you to watch the experience if you are in the United States of America. Many people around the world, and America in particular, will watch it via the NRL watch app. This is a great app and it is particularly dedicated to streaming live NRL games, particularly important competitions. It is expected that they will broadcast that game across America as well.

Besides that, this app will access those channels that stream games such as Kayo Sports channels and Foxtel GO Australia, etc. in the region. This channel is perfect because you can watch those games live as they take place, and once they are available, you can watch the replays. For any fan inside the US, this is a great opportunity.

This app is not free but is not costly and this ensures that you can easily bear the cost of the app. They have different packages that you can choose from and these include a weekly package that costs $19 as well as a monthly package that can cost $33. A annual payment package can also be selected and this can cost you $189. When you are in America, what you need to do is sign up for a subscription and it makes it easier to watch the games instantly.

State of Origin Live Stream from UK

Sky Sports is always there to fill up the distance in the UK and other European countries. There are other available options for UK fans to choose from, aside from Sky Sports, which will certainly show live events to fans in the UK. The NRL app is one of them. It will be better with this app to watch all the series as they take place in the world. It will show you, for instance, sports channels like Foxtel GO Australia and Kayo Sports. There are three channels in the country that you can stream, including Foxtel and Kayo, which you can access through this app. The other is Sky Sports, which traditionally shows fans’ matches in many parts of Europe.

It would be easier to watch it through different devices such as Mac, your PC, and your Android and iOS operating systems, and so on, with the NRL app. In addition, it can stream via TV channels such as Chromecast and so on.

State of Origin Live Stream from New Zealand

If you are in New Zealand and want the best way to watch the State of Origin, you can do that easily through 9Now. You have to do it through a proxy, though, so you can’t easily get access to this station through New Zealand. It would have been better if you were a resident of Australia. Many people go through 9Now because, because it is free, it doesn’t cost you anything. In addition, you can access it via the web, but if you are based in New Zealand or any other part of the world outside Australia, it must be through a proxy.

State of Origin Live Stream from Ireland

You can watch Live stream of State of Origin from ireland. Inside Ireland, there are two main choices available for fans. The first is that, via the NRL app, they can watch it. This game, intended for NRL, can be streamed from many parts of the world and is available to Irish fans. In addition, you can watch the competition via other streaming options, such as Foxtel Go and Kayo Sports, if you have access to the NRL app. This is one of the choices for fans available here. You can do it through Sky Sports if, on the other hand, you want to see it through other networks. This is a sports channel that is available to fans across Europe. For international fans, the NRL technology is easy so you can access it from several parts of the world. There are several packages, including an annual price of $189, as well as a $33 monthly package and a $19 weekly package. Based on your preferences and what you can afford, you can pick a package.

If you get the app, you can instantly watch the game as it is played. For fans outside the host country, this is the only option.

State of Origin Live Stream from France

France is one of the European countries, and the State of Origin 2020 have different ways watch it. The NRL app is one of them. This is an important app that you can use to watch this game. The app also allows the game to be watched via other networks, including Foxtel GO and Kayo Sports. Not only can you watch State of Origin live, but you will also watch other exciting rugby events getting held in other parts of the world.

In addition, it would also be easy for French fans to watch it via Sky Sports. This is a channel that is dedicated to presenting European fans with sports programs. If you are in any part of Europe, including France, you will always be able to take advantage of the opportunity you just had to conquer.

State of Origin live stream on Social Media

A global view is being attracted by social media. In the world, these places are the most visited. There are lots of social media sites that you can use to stream sports channels watching some exciting sports programs. The advantage of these sites is that, without spending a dime, you can watch the game through these sites. Before you can do that, though, you must first find those social media sites where the games will be broadcast. You will simply follow the link to access the live programs if you get the link.

One of such sporting events that would be watched by fans via social media websites is State of Origin that takes place in Australia in the first three Wednesdays of November. Here are some of the websites on social media that you can use to stream Australia’s rugby competition live.

State of Origin Reddit Stream

This is a popular social media platform and millions of users from all parts of the world can boast about the website. This does not indicate that Reddit is going to screen the matches online. Some website users may, however, get a link to the live program and post it to their members or followers to watch on the forum. It’s called subreddits, and on the internet there could be many such events that you can follow the connection and watch the event. Unless you have that link, you can not use that platform.

These links are freely provided in most cases by customers who want to enjoy their fans’ patronage. However, there may not be live coverage of the matches. It is seen at the end of the game in certain ways.

State of Origin stream on Facebook

Facebook is today’s most popular website for social media on the internet. It ranks on the internet today as the second most commonly visited website and it is second to Google. You can watch State of Origin 2020 on TV on Facebook. By using the apps available on your Facebook account, you can get the video and stream it live to your fans. It is one of the ways to watch some fun online programs. The benefit of using this platform is that it is the cheaper option, because watching the competition does not cost anyone anything.

The option for streaming is free and it is full of advertisements. Those presenting the live program want to use the opportunity to promote their goods and services or to sell them. This is an opportunity that many individuals , especially those cable cutters who do not want to watch via cable networks and so on, would not want to miss.

State of Origin stream on Twitter

As with the other social media sites reviewed above, Twitter operates the same way. You can watch it on TV via Twitter. You’ve got to look at the networks that tweet it to their followers. Since Twitter has an app that makes it easy to watch TV via the framework, it is possible. You need to look for and follow those channels that will tweet the case. In most cases, it is free, much like other social media platforms mentioned above, as it is used for promotional or advertisement purposes.

State of Origin Broadcasting TV Channel

State of Origin is available on Channel Nine. If you reside in Australia, you can watch free to air the program on this channel inside Australia. If you are from other parts of the world, which means if you’re unable to access Channel 9, you can consider the above options. This is where it will be seen live and air-free.

If you can’t watch it that way, then there is always the chance to watch it through Telstra’s NRL Live Pass. This is one of the cheapest choices, and at just $3.99, this pass is available. It is not yet clear if the pass will be included in the edition this year. However, there is still an alternative available for fans if you are unable to watch it via this app. 9 The app is now ready and they are ready to stream the games to fans across the globe. The station will make various streaming arrangements available and this makes it easy for fans to make a choice. They can turn to another one from one streaming plan. It is available on various devices powered by Android and iOS.

State of Origin listen live radio

It is already confirmed that for this year’s State of Origin, Channel 9 has the broadcast right. This right also requires the right to broadcast radio networks. Channel 9, including radio and television broadcasts, is the most successful broadcaster in the world. The channel has different packages in order to ensure that you get what you want and you can still choose from the packages that are made available to you. The event would be live via the choice of radio broadcasting channels.

State of Origin live scores & results

Scores and outcomes on the scoreboard are still available. A score service is available and this offers ample information on team rankings, results of matches played and upcoming matches. One of the website provides the scores of the games as they are played is

State of Origin 2020 COVID 19 Situation

Regarding this important competition, COVID 19 has already taken its toll. It was moved from the original time it was scheduled to be played, which was June to November 2020, because of the panic and dangers posed by the pandemic. This is the effect or casualty of the situation with COVID 19.

The fear is that this will not end. There will be a situation where the date may be shifted again if the situation continues or refuses to subside. There is also a danger that the number of fans that will be able to watch that encounter would be greatly restricted even though it is not moved again. This could also impact the revenue from tickets that can be produced. There will continue to be the problem of social distancing. The number of participants will decline.

Final Words

The State of origin competition that was previously scheduled to take place in the first three Wednesdays of June is now moved and is decided to take place on the first three Wednesdays of November. There are different ways of watching experience in various parts of the world. If the event is taking place in Australia.

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